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Frequently Asked Questions

April 26, 2017


1. How long does a repair usually take?

While most popular handsets are done within the hour most can be completed under 30 minutes that includes testing and diagnosing. We could replace your iPhone 6s LCD screen in 10 minutes and hand it to you but you'll have to test it! Generally, we give you a estimated time of completion and its usually all done in a day.

2. Do I still have to pay if it doesn't work?

No! We only charge if we fix the handset.

3. My display screen is out, all it needs is another screen right?

While this may be true, our experience leads us to double check your device. Most repairs after catastrophic display damage may have had other parts damaged as well. LCD repairs are plug and play and very rarely require us to handle other components. Basically, there's no telling if your iPhone was working without fixing the display first.

4. What does the warranty cover?

Manufacturer defects meaning touch doesn't work, frame comes apart, dead pixels and any thing else that doesn't relate to physical or liquid damage to our parts.

5. Do you use genuine OEM parts?

We do refurbish most LCDs in house and we source the highest quality parts to ensure we can guarantee a solid repair. 

6. Can I order the part myself and have you install it?

Yes! We will only provide a warranty on the workmanship if the part fails you will have to warranty it through the seller.

7. Do you buy phones, tablets and broken smartphones?

Yes, in accordance with local laws we ask that you bring a photo ID. Please call us for a quote on what to expect.

8. Do you match competitor pricing?

We match local competitor pricing on the exact same repair, please see an associate for more details.

9. Do you sell used phones?iPhones? Tablets?

Yes, we do and we offer a great warranty and a 1,235 point inspection.

10. How come I don't see 10,000 cellphones in your store?

Please visit our Atlantic location in Jacksonville, Florida. It is the only store in the world with 4,000+ handsets for your nostalgic display. Unfortunately, displaying 10k in phones requires a lot of cleaning.

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