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Business and Educational Repairs

Business and Education Repairs

We can repair all devices from organizations, businesses and schools of any size! With our lifetime warranty, quality parts and unmatched pricing! No quantity or company is too big or too small with our certified and highly trained technicians we can handle tons of repairs!

Why repair with us?

We stand behind our work, we've been doing it for over 13 years longer than even the biggest companies in the industry now! We also offer some great advantages not offered by others:

  1. Lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.
  2. Free Diagnostic services on all devices.
  3. Quality repairs that get your devices back to how it was before - working!
  4. Protection plans because employees and some of us need insurance.
  5. Faster and affordable repairs because we can increase your bottom line.

We even offer employee and teacher discount programs!

Contact us today and speak with a representative now to get your organization fixed right the first time for the finalĀ and best price.

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